Review: Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper

Title: Stealing Shadows

Author: Kay Hooper

Series: Bishop/ Special Crimes Unit #1

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Pages: 386

5 stars - I loved it!
5 stars – I loved it!

Psychic Cassie Neill helps the L.A. police catch killers by getting into their minds. When she makes a mistake and a child dies she flees to a small North Carolina town hoping for a quiet life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay quiet for long. 

I picked this book up because I saw a fellow book blogger recommend this series. I love a good psychic paranormal book so I instantly picked this book up. I couldn’t put this book down. It was captivating from the very beginning and I couldn’t predict what was going to happen next. 

Cassie has spent her life being able to get into the minds of killers. She is a very tough and independent woman, but she is also very fragile and lonely. Her abilities were fascinating and I loved that she didn’t let her fear prevent her from using them to stop a killer. Ben was a surprisingly charming and protective man. I loved his protectiveness towards Cassie and how he would make sure she was taking care of herself. Their relationship was slow building which I think worked perfectly with the rest of the story. 

The serial killer in this book was very fascinating. It was unpredictable and I wasn’t expecting the twist at the end. I really enjoyed Hooper’s writing style, especially with such a tense story. It made this book hard to put down and I really want to read the next book now, especially since it appears to be the mysterious Bishop’s book. I highly recommend this book if you are into romantic suspense, especially ones with psychics. 

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