Review: Headstrong by Eden Finley

Title: Headstrong

Author: Eden Finley

Series: Vino & Veritas #3

Genre: Contemporary LGBTQ

Pages: 260

5 stars - I loved it!
5 stars – I loved it!

Newly out, Whit heads to Vino & Veritas to find a man to help him lose his virginity. Unfortunately, he finds that he is terrible at flirting and is scaring everyone but the straight and grumpy bartender. 

“He’s the light to my pessimism. He sees the good in me when I can’t.”

Well these two were adorable! From the beginning I was sucked in by Rainn and Whit’s story. Rainn is such a grumpy, depressed, and angry man who refuses to plan ahead anymore. Whit is a happy college hockey player who can’t wait to take over his family farm. These two were total opposites but they worked well. I really enjoyed their progression from friends to lovers and the challenges they faced along the way. 

For having such a touchy topic, I think Eden Finley did an amazing job with Rainn’s exploration into being queer and his struggle with it. His internal struggle was very realistic and the progression of acceptance felt well paced, especially with the slower paced relationship. 

Another great part of this book was Rainn’s supportiveness towards Whit’s virginity. He stressed how it wasn’t important and that connecting to your partner was more important. He repeatedly makes sure that Whit doesn’t rush into a situation that he isn’t prepared for and I loved Rainn for that. 

Overall, this was a wonderful couple. I couldn’t put the book down and highly recommend this book if you are looking for a LGBTQ read. 

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