Review: Heartscape by Garrett Leigh

Title: Heartscape

Author: Garrett Leigh

Series: Vino & Veritas #2

Genre: Contemporary LGBTQ

Pages: 240

2 stars – it was ok
2 stars – it was ok

When a mutual friend calls in a favor, Tanner finds himself with the handsome Jax crashing on his couch for a few days. But, he quickly realizes that he doesn’t want Jax to leave. 

This book was a very emotional one. Tanner and Jax both are dealing with a lot of trauma and are struggling to get on with their lives. They find solace in each other but those traumas do get in the way for a while. I liked both Tanner and Jax but I did have a few issues with this story. 

First, this is a slow burn relationship because they are both working through their traumas and not trying to rush things. While I don’t mind slow relationships the pacing on this one just didn’t really work for me and I keep wanting to put the book down because of it. 

Second, I felt that their relationship wasn’t equal through a lot of this book because Tanner wouldn’t open up about what he was going through, at all, but knew about Jax’s situation. Jax found out some of the situation from Tanner’s old boss, not Tanner. I feel like Tanner should have at least briefly mentioned the reasoning behind his new job as a bartender and said that he wasn’t ready to speak about it, especially since he knew Jax’s situation. Because of this lack of discussion, even a brief one, I felt their relationship felt unbalanced until close to the end of the book. 

Between these two issues, I struggled with this couple, even with them being great characters. I wish that I could rate this higher, but this story just didn’t really work for me. 

Trigger Warnings:

  • Suicidal thoughts and actions planned out
  • Jax was emotionally abused and isolated by his wife
  • Tanner suffers from PTSD and anxiety from experiencing death during his wilderness job

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