My Five Star Reads So Far in 2021

So for this list I am only including 5 star books that were new to me. I had quite a few rereads that were five stars but I wanted to limit this to only new books because that felt like a more accurate list. These are the books that will potentially end up on my 2021 favorites list at the end of the year. So far I have thirteen new books that were 5 star reads. All reviews will be linked so you can go read my thoughts on them.

Also these are in the order I read them, so the last book is the most recent 5 star book.

I am going to do periodical posts of my 5 star reads throughout the year to help promote my favorite books. It will also help me when it comes to do my favorites of the year. I hope you enjoyed this post and will look forward to the next one. Thanks for reading!

Have you had any 5 star books this year?

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