Review: Four Weddings and An Alien by Fiona Roarke

Cover for Four Weddings and An Alien by Fiona Roarke

Title: Four Weddings and An Alien

Author: Fiona Roarke

Series: Alien, Arkansas #5

Pages: 386

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Exiled society princess Francine Duvall has learned to stand on her own two feet in the Alpha colony in Alienn, Arkansas. She  is now a hardworking supermarket clerk who loves earning her own way. The only issue she has is that she can’t go to her sister’s wedding because of her parents. But the sexy Ichor-Delta bounty hunter Luther Raphael Bourdreaux may be able to help with that. 

I am so glad that Francine was able to have a HEA! I loved how she stood up to her parents and schemed to get her sister Lucy to marry Axel instead of herself. Francine and Raphael were a very cute couple. I was surprised by how much I ended up loving Raphael. He was so protective and sweet towards Francine. He also didn’t have any problem bringing her onto a bounty hunter gig or taking her suggestions, which I love when a hero does. 

One of the things that I really enjoyed in this book was that Raphael wasn’t an Alpha, he is Ichor-Delta so we got to learn more about a different alien species. I loved that he had super speed and made vampire jokes about it. 

Overall, this was a wonderful addition to the series. I loved both characters and their fake engagement turned real. I really hope there are more books in this series because I am not ready to let the aliens of Alienn, Arkansas go. 

Trigger Warnings: stalking, kidnapping

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