Review: History Revealed by History Revealed Staff

Cover for History Revealed by History Revealed Staff

Title: History Revealed

Author: History Revealed Staff

Length: 4h 40m 

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

History Revealed is a twelve episode podcast about the history of the world. Some of the topics include the seven wonders of the world, Custard’s Last Stand, Michelangelo, Muhamad Ali and Caesar. While this podcast does include a wide variety of historical topics from around the world, there were some major issues with it that really impacted my enjoyment of listening to this series. 

My biggest issue with this audio podcast was with the formatting of the presentation of information within each episode. There was a very awkward shifting between subjects within each episode. It felt like it was meant to be chapters but it wasn’t smooth transitions and it was sometimes a large jump in topics which made it harder to follow along. Towards the end of the episode they would also provide just quick facts about the topic which was even more awkward, because it would be like Topic, then one line about said topic, then next topic and one line of info. Basically while there was good information in these episodes, this awkward formatting made it hard to follow the information. 

Another issue with this series was the inconsistency with which they presented the topic. Some of these topics were well researched but others were shorter and the subject barely felt touched upon. Also, some of the topics they chose were not very interesting which didn’t help. The inconsistency with the narrators also caused some problems, especially when they would change narrators in the middle of an episode. 

I did like that they provided extra resources for further reading on the topic at the end of the episodes. This is a great way to learn more about anything that caught your attention, especially since this information wasn’t presented very well. Overall, this wasn’t a great history collection. I recommend checking out the audible podcast the Days that Changed The World (my review for it can be found here) or the podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class

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