Review: Merry & Bright Anthology by Fiona Roarke, Jax Cassidy, Kira Nyte, Wynter Daniels, Candace Colt, Alethea Kontis, Cate Dean, Larissa Emerald, and Sela Carsen

Cover for Merry and Bright anthology by Fiona Roarke, Cate Dean, Larissa Emerald, Aleathea Kontis, Wynter Daniels, Sela Carsen, Jax Cassidy, and Kira Nyte

Title: Marry & Bright

Author: Fiona Roarke, Jax Cassidy, Kira Nyte, Wynter Daniels, Candace Colt, Alethea Kontis, Cate Dean, Larissa Emerald, Sela Carsen

Series: Nocturne Falls Universe

Pages: 456

2.5 stars out of 5
2.5 stars

**The overall rating is the average of the following ratings.**

Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien by Fiona Roarke:

3 stars – I liked it

This is another Draeken and Stella story. They were introduced in Close Encounters of the Alien Kind. Some parts of this story might be confusing if you haven’t read that book. 

This story was short and sweet. Draeken and Stella are in Nocturne Falls for their first Christmas together. They have also bought a small vacation house and plan on having a Christmas/ housewarming party. Both Draeken and Stella are trying to keep their special presents from being revealed. There is also an emotional scene with Draeken and Stella discussing how Draeken is dealing with life on Earth. Overall, this was a sweet addition to their story. 

The Wizards Mistletoe Magic by Jax Cassidy: 

3 stars – I liked it

This was a very sweet, and very short, second chance romance. Kearney is taking a vacation in Nocturne Falls and unexpectedly meets artist Kara Wyntir, who is the spitting image of his dead wife. I enjoyed Kearney and Kara’s story, even if it was very brief. They both deserved to find the truth and happiness again. Also I think Kara’s abilities with painting people’s truths to help them through their troubles was a fascinating and unique ability. 

A Dragons Christmas Mayhem by Kira Nyte: 

3 stars – I liked it

This story is a continuation of Zareh and Kaylee’s relationship. They were introduced in A Dragon Speaks Her Name. Some parts of this story will be confusing if you haven’t read that book. 

This is Zareh and Kaylae’s first Christmas together, and the first without her father. She is still grieving his unexpected death and the Christmas season is making it even stronger. Zareh has little experience with Christmas but tries to throw together some last minute decorations and surprise Kaylea with them. This was a cute, and slightly predictable, continuation of their story. Both of them are still getting used to being a couple and are still making mistakes. It all works out in the end though and Zareh gets a very happy Christmas surprise. 

The Mistletoe Misstep by Wynter Daniels:

1.5 stars – It wasn’t great

Psychic hairdresser Amethyst Powers wants to keep the peace in her family, which means bowing to anything her mother wishes, including dating a repulsive vampire. She hopes it will help distract her from her sadness about leaving the guy she really wants.

I did not like this story very much because of Amethyst. She was such a pushover and basically let her mother ruin her life. Her mother says a mechanic is beneath you so you need to break up with him, so she does! The one guy she actually cares for and she just says see ya. Then at the end its all forgiven like none of it ever happened! It was ridiculous. 

I liked Dustin. He was a nice guy with a cute cat. He deserved better than a woman who would dump him because she was told to by her mother. 

The Psychics Says I Do by Candace Colt: 

2 stars – It was ok

This story is a continuation of Brianna and Connor’s relationship. They were introduced in The Falcon Tames The Psychic, which I have yet to read. 

So this story was ok. It basically revolves around Brianna and Conner’s engagement and quick wedding plans. There are also sections from Conner’s brother’s fiancee, Jess, POV, who is also Brianna’s cousin. Overall, I didn’t really connect with the characters probably because this is the continuation of their relationship and picks up where that left off. 

I did find their grandma, Echo, interesting and kind of wish I had read their full book to know more about her. 

The Meddlesome Misadventures of Merri and Bright by Alethea Kontis: 

4 stars – It was really good

Fairy Merri Larousse never intended to become part of the famous prankster/matchmaking duo with winter elf Polaris Brighton, but it ended up being the best four years of her life. But when a prank goes wrong, it ends their partnership. Years later they finally meet again for another prank, and maybe mend their friendship.

This was surprisingly sweet. I wasn’t loving these two at first but they quickly grew on me. You could totally tell these two were clueless about their feelings for each other until Prom night. Four years later, they meet again at the same dance and Bright does everything he can to convince Merri to give him another chance, and to play another prank together. 

I liked that while this story is very short, it wraps up nicely and doesn’t feel unfinished. I also liked that this is a contained story and I didn’t have to read a whole other book to understand what is going on. I kind of hope these two show up in future stories because they are a great couple and I want to see more pranks they do. 

The Sorcerer’s Christmas Miracle by Cate Dean: 

2 stars – It was ok

This was another story that I was confused by what was going on. It jumps right in with Tami finding her friend Lidia’s werewolf fiance Harrison struggling to shift. Tami goes to ask Jack Cross, a sorcerer, for help with Harrison’s inability to shift.  There is no backstory given about the situation or characters which just made it hard to connect with these two. Tami and Jack are attracted to each other but this story felt like it was in the middle of their story so it was slightly confusing. I wish we had at least seen their first meeting or something like that to get a better understanding of why they are so reluctant to be with each other. 

The Witch’s Snow Globe Wish by Larissa Emerald

3 stars – I liked it

When a letter is delivered to her house by mistake, clairvoyant witch Telia Kraft, knows she needs to return it to its rightful owner quickly. Sadly, it’s her handsome vampire neighbor who broke it off with her over the summer.

This was a lovely second chance romance. Telia and Jake have a lot of chemistry and feelings for each other, but Jake ending things abruptly before overshadows everything now. His injuries and wheelchair use made him doubt his worthiness and caused him to push Telia away. Now that he has healed some and is around Telia again he realizes how much he missed her. Their feelings have just grown while they have been apart. 

This was just a great short story with a sweet couple who are getting a second chance. 

Magic’s Frost by Sela Carsen: 

4 stars – It was really good

Dima Samarin spends every morning at the Hallowed Bean watching a beautiful winter elf enjoy her hot chocolate. When he rescues her unfinished novel from a spilled cocoa, he finally introduces himself.

This was such a sweet story. I adored Dima. He was a gentle giant who can be extremely scary when necessary. I loved how he takes the time to save her manuscript and actually reads it.

Elin was a winter elf who is finally taking a chance to publish her first book. She was outspoken, brave, and sweet. These two were just adorable and I kind of wish their story had been longer because I want more of them. 

– – – – – – – – 

Overall, this was a pretty ok anthology. Most of the stories were good, but as you can see a few were confusing because they relied on previous books to understand the characters and situations. 

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