Review: Pan by Gina L. Maxwell

Cover for Pan by Gina L. Maxwell

Title: Pan

Author: Gina L. Maxwell

Series: Neverland #1

Pages: 270

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

“I used to be a Lost Boy, but the night I met Wendy, I became found. I belong with her, to her, and there isn’t an adventure big enough to pull me away.”

Wendy was 12 the first time she snuck Peter into her room. At 17 his touch made her fly and at 18 he made her cry. Ten years later, Wendy returns to Neverland to find Peter has grown up but he still has his childlike magic. But will this be their second chance, or will it be just another fling. 

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It was emotional, heartbreaking, and filled with childlike hope. Maxwell leans hard into this Peter Pan retelling but it was fun. I especially enjoyed all the Lost Boys names and references to the original story found sprinkled throughout the book, like Barrie Lane. 

Wendy and Peter easily reconnect and the intense chemistry is still there. Pan has grown up but he still is slightly irresponsible and a thrill seeker. I loved his dedication to Wendy and his determination to win her back. Wendy was a responsible woman who is restarting her career with a huge event. These two are the complete opposites of each other but they do balance each other out. Wendy shows Peter how being series can be beneficial and Peter makes sure Wendy actually has some fun and enjoyment in her job and life. 

Overall, this was a wonderful and emotional retelling of Peter Pan. The Lost Boys were fascinating and I can’t wait to see them fall in love and find happiness, even Tink who I didn’t really love. 

Trigger Warnings:

  • References to child abuse and neglect
  • References to sexual abuse of a secondary character

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