Review: How to Lose An Alien in 10 Days by Fiona Roarke

Cover for How to Lose An Alien in 10 Days by Fiona Roarke

Title: How to Lose An Alien in 10 Days

Author: Fiona Roarke

Series: Alienn, Arkansas #2

Pages: 284

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Alexandria “Ria” Latham Borne wants nothing to do with her arranged marriage and is determined to have a little fun before she is trapped. She slips away from the spaceship to have one of fun and meets the sexy Cam Gray. The more time she spends with Cam the more determined she is to get out of the arranged marriage. 

This was a fun and emotional romance. Ria is determined to enjoy her 10 days on Earth with Cam. She has a bucket list of Earth related activities she wants to do and Cam happily agrees to help her work through it. Cam went out of his way to make sure Ria could experience as much of Earth as possible in the short amount of time they had. I loved how sweet Cam was with Ria. He has mostly been the grumpy, security conscious, older brother in this series but he is actually surprisingly sweet and emotional. 

Ria is a bubbly person who finds joy in the smallest things. She knows that these ten days could be the last time she is truly free and happy so she doesn’t waste them. I really loved seeing Ria’s perspective on the world and her joy at small things, like a lake or a sunset. It reminds you to stop and appreciate the smaller things in life. 

This was a great addition to the series and I can’t wait to see the rest of the Grey siblings fall in love. Also I really want to see more of Aunt Dixie. She is a hoot. 

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