Review: Check, Please! Book 1: Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu

Cover for Check, Please! Book 1: #Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu

Title: Check, Please! Book 1: #Hockey

Author: Ngozi Ukazu

Series: Check, Please #1

Pages: 288

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Eric Bittle loves to skate. The former junior figure skating champion, vlogger, and amateur baker, is now a freshman on the Samwell University’s hockey team. He is terrified of being checked during a game and struggles to overcome that fear. His moody captain, Jack, is determined to push him through his fear.

This was adorable!!! Eric Bittle, aka Bitty, was adorable and so sweet. I loved that he was always baking pies for everyone. He was such an honest, sweet, and cute character, you can’t resist loving him. His hockey team was great as well. They were supportive and constantly were helping him on and off the ice. 

While this volume only has a hint of romance towards the end, I loved it. Bitty has a crush on his team captain, who is sadly graduating and leaving. I can’t wait to pick up book two and see how their relationship will progress. Also, I wasn’t expecting this comic to be written in a vlog style but it worked out wonderfully. 

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