ARC Review: Meant to Be Immortal by Lynsay Sands

Cover for Meant to be Immortal by Lynsay Sands

Title: Meant to Be Immortal

Author: Lynsay Sands

Series: Argeneau #32

Pages: 400

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Mac Argeneau knows all too well that immortals can be killed, especially by fire. So when his house burst into flames he is sure that it wasn’t an accident and someone is trying to kill him. But who would want to kill a hematology scientist? 

As with most of the books in this series, this one can be read as a standalone. Having read the previous books, just means you have a better understanding of the world and the side characters who are Mac’s family members. After 32 books, this is still one of my favorite vampire romance series. Lyndsay Sands does an amazing job at creating wonderful characters and stories in this fictional world with immortals. This series is actually the one that got me hooked on vampire romances when I was a teenager. 

Mac Argeneau is a character who we don’t know much about from previous books. He has been briefly mentioned but hasn’t played a big role. I actually really liked Mac. He is one of the older vampires and has really lost touch with the modern world, and how to talk to women. CJ Cummings was a strong woman who has had a rough go when it comes to relationships. There is no instant love with this couple, Mac had to woo CJ and show her he truly cared for her. I adored the slower pace this relationship had, especially when it came to CJ learning about immortals and changing. 

Overall, this was a strong addition to the Argeneau series. This was a strong couple who had a great story. Also  the return of a few previous characters from the series were great additions to the story.

Trigger warnings:

  • Miscarriage discussed
  • STD discussed
  • Domestic abuse referenced for a minor side character

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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