Review: B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs Vol. 1 and 2 by Mike Mignola

Covers for B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs Volumes 1 and 2 by Mike Mignola

Title: B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs 1 and 2

Author: Mike MIgnola, Guy Davis, John Arcudi

Series: B.P.R.D. 1-5

Pages: 848

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This review is for volumes 1 and 2 of the B.R.P.D. Plague of Frogs. 

In 2001, Hellboy quit the B.R.P.D., leaving Abe, Liz and the rest of the special agents to defend the world from the growing menace of the frog army. With each new story, the gang defeats more frogs, finds new information about their past, and loses friends and comrades. 

As with the Hellboy comics, each chapter in these collections are short missions with the B.P.R.D. members trying to find out what is going on with the world. In these two volumes, we get to learn more about the other members of the team that kind of got overlooked in the Hellboy series. 

I really enjoyed this collection of stories. With these stories we are learning more about Abe, Liz, Roger, and Johann and how they work together. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Johann and Roger as characters. They played minor roles in the Hellboy series but they are key players in some of these stories. 

One of the big things in these first two volumes is Abe finally starting to regain some of his memories. He finally gets some clues to his past and it changes him. He stops working in the field and focuses on research for the B.P.R.D. It’s fascinating learning about his past but there is still a lot left to uncover. 

Overall, I really enjoyed these stories. They were great introductions to the characters and to the new situation with the world. Also I loved that one of the missions involved Lobster Johnson because I love his character and can’t wait for more stories with him. 

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