Review: The Sandman by Dirk Maggs and Neil Gaiman

Cover for The Sandman by Dirk Maggs and Neil Gaiman

Title:  The Sandman
Author: Dirk Maggs and Neil Gaiman 
Narrator: Neil Gaiman (Narrator), James McAvoy (Morpheus), Kat Dennings (Death), and many more
Series: The Sandman Audio #1
Genre: Fantasy Horror
Length: 10hr 54min

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

TW: Rape (in Calliope story), Animal death (in A dream of a Thousand Cats), 

This audiobook contains audio interpretations of issues 1-20 (Volumes 1-3) of the Sandman comic.

I recently read the Sandman comics and quite enjoyed them. I decided to give this full cast audio version of the story a try and I am glad I did. I really loved this audiobook collection. The narration of this book was amazing and really helped sell the story. I actually liked a few of these stories more in this audiobook than when I read the comics. 

The choice of James McAvoy as Morpheus was a perfect choice in my opinion. He really sold Morpheus and his attitude towards things. I really enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s narration of the stories as well. 

Overall, this was an amazing audio production of a great comic series. I highly recommend this audiobook if you are a fan of the Sandman or if you enjoy fantasy horror stories.

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  6. Fables & Reflections
  7. Brief Lives
  8. World’s End
  9. The Kindly Ones
  10. The Wake
  11. Endless Night

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