Review: Dominance and Dissent by Cynthia Sax

Cover for Dominance and Dissent by Cynthia Sax

Title: Dominance and Dissent

Author: Cynthia Sax

Series: Cyborg Space Exploration #3

Pages: 210

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

TW: slavery, rape

While Dissent is exploring a settlement on a merchant planet, he hears a scream and realizes it is his mate. He rushes to her side and saves her but things are not as great as he expected them to be. Greer is a slave who is determined to be free. When she is rescued by a cyborg she things its another kind of slavery at first, but the more she learns about Dissent the more she realizes she is free.

This book was an emotionally heavy one. Greer is a slave that has been used and abused by her master and all his friends. She expects to die trying to escape but finds herself saved by Dissent instead. She struggles to overcome her past, especially since she sees mating as another form of slavery. Greer was a very strong woman who overcame so much pain to find love in the end. I really liked her. 

Dissent has been searching for his female since the cyborgs freed themselves. He has dreamed of her and what their relationship will be like. Meeting Greer changes all his expectations. He has to change his plans for how the relationship will go to work with the trauma Greer has faced. I really liked that he adapted so quickly to her needs and never lets her feel like she is less because of the trauma. 

Overall, this was a good book but it does have some very heavy topics and scenes. I still really enjoyed the story and the couple. 

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