Review: Crash and Burn by Cynthia Sax

Cover for Crash and Burn by Cynthia Sax

Title: Crash and Burn

Author: Cynthia Sax

Series: Cyborg Sizzle #3

Pages: 182

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

Unlike other cyborgs, Crash doesn’t enjoy killing. When he escapes the Humanoid Alliance, he vows to never end another life. But when he meets Safyre his vow is put to the test because she is constantly putting herself in danger. She is determined to risk everything to save her friend though. 

This book was ok. I didn’t really love Crash or Safyre. Crash and Safyre’s relationship was just a constant battle of will that got tiring for me. I don’t mind a character that constantly challenges their partner but it was every interaction with these two, which got boring very quickly. 

Crash and a few others do free a new group of cyborgs in this one. There is also a lot of heartbreak for the cyborgs in this book, which while I understand why it happened I still wish it hadn’t. We do finally get to see how dangerous the Humanoid Alliance can be in this book though. 

Overall, this one is not my favorite but I will continue to read the series. 

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