Review: Releasing Rage by Cynthia Sax

Cover for Releasing Rage by Cynthia Sax

Title: Releasing Rage

Author: Cynthia Sax

Series: Cyborg Sizzle #1

Pages: 186

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Rage, the Humanoid Alliance’s most primitive cyborg, is determined to escape and kill all the humans on the station when he does. When he is assigned a new engineer, he expects treachery and pain from them. Instead, he gets a female who is submissive and caring. 

This was a steamy start to a series. Rage is one of the oldest models of cyborgs left. He knows if he isn’t careful the Humanoid Alliance will decommission him. It just makes him more determined to escape with his fellow cyborgs. Rage comes across as an unfeeling machine to everyone but Joan, which I love. 

Joan was one tough cookie. She is the only woman to make it through the engineering program and had to deal with constant insults and threats against her to do it. Now she is surrounded by a ship full of men who hate her and want her to fail. The only peace she finds is with Rage, which I loved. While she does get brutalized by the crew, Sax didn’t drag out the details or make her trauma overwhelm the story. It was heartbreaking but her love for Rhage got her through. 

I enjoyed this first glimpse at this world. But I do  hope we get more information in the next few books about why the Humanoid Alliance is so sadistic towards cyborgs, yet uses them to fight their battles. That was the only thing about this book that bothered me because there wasn’t a clear reason given. Overall though, this was a sexy cyborg romance and I look forward to the next book. 

Trigger Warnings:

  • Rape

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