2020 Reading Wrap Up!

2020 is finally over so that means it’s time for a yearly wrap up! Also this blog turned 1 year old at the end of 2020!

Blog Stats

  • Posts: 636
  • Review: 440
  • Challenges: 21
  • Tags: 154
  • Bookish Posts: 10
2020 Blog Post Types

For my first year blogging, I think I did a really good job at posting. It definably helps that I read a lot so I have lots of reviews to post.

Reading Stats:

Books Read: 543

2020 reading by month

This year I read a lot of books as you can tell. My worst months was February, with August and September right behind it. July was my highest read count, but that was because I was furloughed and didn’t have anything else to do.

  • Re-reads: 198
  • DNF: 19
  • ARC’s: 80
2020 Read v. Rereads
2020 ARCs


2020 Formats
  • eBooks: 442
  • Audiobooks: 26
  • Comics:  30
  • Webcomics: 5
  • Paperback: 25
  • Hardback: 11

I am surprised by the number of audiobooks I listened to this year. I didn’t get into audiobooks until late last year so wasn’t expecting that many. I really enjoy listening to them while working on projects though.


2020 Ratings

I was surprised by this chart. I wasn’t expecting to have so many 4 star reviews but I am glad. This was a surprisingly good reading year, even with a lot of it being rereads. I did have 19 DNF which is my highest amount, but I no longer force myself to read books I am not enjoying. I hope this year I don’t have any 1 or 1.5 star reviews but we will see.


  • 130,245 pages read

Listening time:

  • 129 hours 19 minutes (roughly five days)

Genres and Tropes:

2020 Genres

My most read genres this year were Paranormal (188), Science Fiction (97), Contemporary (89), and Nonfiction (47). These stats weren’t really surprising, except for the nonfiction part. Before this year I struggled to read 5 nonfiction books a year but this year I found a new love for nonfiction. I hope to continue this trend and read just as many nonfiction in 2021.

2020 tropes

I read a lot of different tropes this year, with the most common one being fated mates. This makes since because I read a lot of paranormal romance. The other most common tropes were alien abduction, post-apocalypse, romantic suspense, and instant love.


2020 sources

Most of my reading this year was done with eBooks I purchased. I read 61 ARCs from Netgalley and 18 from Authors. I also utilized my library this year and checked out a lot of comics and eBooks through them.

Most Read Author:

2020 most read authors

Here are my most read authors for 2020. I am not surprise by Anna Hackett being my #1 author this year. I reread five of her series this year, one of which was 20 books. Anna is one of my go-to authors for when I am struggling because her stories have a lot of action and a lot of love.

Almost all of these were rereads of series except Anna Lowe, Beverly Jenkins, Cathy Yardley, Kaylea Cross, and Neil Gaiman. These authors were all new novels/series for me. Beverly Jenkins and Kaylea Cross are my new favorite authors of 2020.

Favorite Posts of 2020:

So that is my 2020 reading wrap up. I hope you enjoyed all these stats and charts. Hope everyone has a great 2021!

2 thoughts on “2020 Reading Wrap Up!

  1. Not only an amazing reading year but you are so organized! I love seeing all the stats, especially the tropes. I am in awe! I adore Nocturne Falls and now I have an itch to reread them all. I hope you have a great reading year in 2021!

    Liked by 1 person

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