Review: Magic’s Song by Sela Carsen

Title: Magic’s Song

Author: Sela Carson

Series: Nocturne Falls Universe

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 70

Read:  2017, December 27, 2020

3 stars
3 stars – I liked it

Trick Scanlon stops in Nocturne Fall to visit his friend and fellow soldier, Nick. But he gets introduced to the supernatural side of the two when a playful horse tries to drown him. Then he is saved by a mermaid’s song. 

“Honey, if you sat on a rock and never sang a note, I’d still dive into deep water to get to you.”

This was a fun and fast past novella. Daria is a rusalka, a water fae, who hates to be called a mermaid. She helps rescue Trick and quickly falls for him, especially once they sing together. It was its own kind of magic. I really liked both Trick and Daria. They were unique supernaturals and I hope they pop up in future books. 

Overall, this was a fun novella with some unique supernaturals. Also I enjoyed the horse. It was a cute side character.

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