Review: The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected Catch by Larissa Emerald

Title: The Vampire Bounty Hunter’s Unexpected Catch

Author: Larissa Emerald

Series: Nocturne Falls Universe

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 67

Read: December 26, 2020

2 stars
2 stars – it was ok

Vampire bounty hunter Nathaniel Newburg has followed his mark to Nocturne Falls. While tracking his prey he comes across a beautiful feline shifter, Camille Nahuel, who he can’t stop thinking about. 

This novella was ok. I liked Camille a lot. She was spunky, a great dancer, and determined to have a life in Nocturne Falls. Nathaniel was a different story. We don’t learn much about him other than he has an injured brother that he doesn’t talk to. I think this novella should have had less time skips and more development of the characters, especially Nathaniel. 

My other issue with this novella was the romance. Since this story was short there wasn’t very much development in their relationship. Mostly, we just get some lustful thoughts and heavy looks, which is normally fine but I think if this had been slightly longer the relationship could have been better developed. 

I did like seeing Nocturne Falls from a different author’s perspective but it did take some getting used to. Especially since this author has created a different history for the vampires that didn’t really make sense in the NF universe in my opinion. Overall, this was an ok novella that could have benefited from a little more character development.

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