Review: The Reaper Rescues the Genie by Kristen Painter

Cover for The Reaper Rescues the Genie by Kristen Painter

Title: The Reaper Rescues the Genie 

Author: Kristen Painter

Series: Nocturne Falls #9

Pages: 229

4.5 stars out of 5
4.5 stars

Retired genie, Imari Zephara, has found a life for herself in Nocturne Falls. When someone tries to capture her the peace is shattered. She turns to the one person who could protect her, grim reaper Lucian Dupree. 

This book had everything I love: a marriage of convenience, a lonely hero, and a great side character. Lucian Dupree is one of the mysterious residents of Nocturne Falls. Very few people know about him and he prefers it that way since he can’t really interact with them. His reaper ability is messed up and it’s too dangerous to be around people. When Imari bursts into his life he realizes how lonely he has been and how much he wishes his life could change. Lucian is one of my favorite heroes from this series. He is kind, a good father, and supportive of anything Imari wants/needs. I just loved him. 

“My cars aren’t precious. Life is precious. Things can be replaced. Very little else matters.”

Imari is a retired genie who just wants to be able to live her life how she wants to. She doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone who asks for wishes or to be forced into marriage. Lucian gives her that with their marriage of convenience but he also shows her how happy she could be with him. I love the romance between these two. It was slow building and they learn to trust each other before love comes into play. I love relationships like this. 

One of my favorite things about this book was Hattie, Lucians grandmother. She was a wonderful side character and I just could get enough of her. She was the grandmother everyone wishes they could have! I love when a great story has a great side character. It always makes it better. 

This might be my favorite book of the series. I couldn’t get enough of these two and I really hope we see them pop up in future books. 

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