ARC Review: Lightning Game by Christine Feehan

Cover for Lightning Game by Christine Feehan

Title: Lightning Game

Author: Christine Feehan

Series: GhostWalkers #17

Pages: 432

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

GhostWalker Rubin Campo and his brother, Diego, return to their family’ s homestead in the Appalachian Mountains. They immediately realize that someone has been living in their cabin, a woman who also happens to be a Ghostwalker. 

Rubin is one of the rare Ghostwalkers who can also heal. His team and his brother are extremely protective of him because of it, which causes some tension. Jonquille has spent her life away from everyone out of fear she will accidentally electrocute someone. These two have been paired together by Whitney but they also have a lot in common. I was surprised by how much I liked Rubin and his brother. They have been in previous books but I didn’t think much of them at the time. Now I really want to see Diego fall in love. 

Rubin and Jonquille’s story was good but I did have a few issues with it. First, I struggled with the pacing of this book. The beginning was very slow and I struggled to get into the story and characters, which rarely happens with this series for me. I also found Jonquille’s internal monologue of why she needs to leave Rubin very repetitive and annoying. 

My biggest issue with this book, and the past few books of this series, was the lack of development in the search for Whitney. I know there are a lot of characters in this series who still need to find their significant other but we do need some progression with the original storyline. We get a new enemy in this one which is ok but I would have rather seen progression towards stopping Whitney. 

Overall, this was an interesting Ghostwalker book with a unique couple. I did like the book overall but had a few issues with the story and characters. 

Trigger warnings:

  • Suicide of a relative (briefly mentioned)
  • Attempted rape of a child (described)
  • Animal deaths (described)
  • Human experimentation
  • Torture

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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