Review: The Shifter Romances the Writer by Kristen Painter

Cover for The Shifter Romances the Writer by Kristen Painter

Title: The Shifter Romances the Writer

Author: Kristen Painter

Series: Nocturne Falls #6

Pages: 220

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Roxy St. James has moved to Nocturne Falls for a fresh start away from her ex-husband. Unfortunately, her ex doesn’t seem to be ready for their relationship to end and has subtly been threatening her. Her handsome deputy neighbor is there to help her though. 

As with all of the books in this series, this was another sweet, fun, and light romance set in the amazing town of Nocturne Falls. Roxy is trying to find herself again and finish writing her upcoming release. She doesn’t expect to instantly have the hots for her new neighbor or start to fall for him within a few days. She struggles to deal with her new feelings, the stalker, her new novel, and the possibility she is going crazy because she keeps seeing paranormal things. I liked Roxy but was little disappointed in her reaction to the fact that paranormals exist. 

Alex Cruz was a protective alpha shifter who just wants to help Roxy. From the beginning, everything he does is to help her and I really loved that about him. He also doesn’t want to hide the paranormal side of the town from her but he is pressured by Delany to do so. But my absolute favorite thing about Alex was that he read Roxy’s romance novels without any prompting from her. He also references it later when they talk about their own relationship! Swoon!!

Overall, this was another fun and exciting romance for Nocturne Falls. I also love that we get to see previous couples throughout each book. Also everyone in Nocturne Falls is so nice and supportive, I just want to live there. 

Trigger Warnings:

  • Controlling and verbally abusive marriage (referenced)
  • Stalking

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