Review: Wild Sweet Love by Beverly Jenkins

Cover for Wild Sweet Love by Beverly Jenkins

Title: Wild Sweet Love

Author: Beverly Jenkins

Pages: 386

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Teresa July has led a hard life, but she is being given a second chance to leave her train robbing past behind her. With a new job, Teresa is determined to start a new life and nothing, not even her boss’s handsome and judgmental son, is going to stand in her way. 

After reading Neil July’s book (Something Like Love), I knew I needed to read Teresa’s. She was a unique heroine who robbed trains alongside her brothers and I really wanted to know more about her. This book takes place after she had been captured and imprisoned for her crimes. A wealthy benefactor is giving her a second chance to make something out of her life and she is taking it. I loved her determination to do something new with her life but still hold onto who she really was. She admits she will never be a lady but she still saw the importance in what Mrs. Nance was teaching her. 

Teresa and Madison’s relationship was a very slow building one, but it was enjoyable. Madison is a former gambler, turned banker, who is determined to protect his mother from being hurt by a possible criminal. Madison was a good son but he had a wild side that he tried to put behind him. Teresa brings out that side of him and makes him realize that she was just the kind of woman he had been searching for. These two had a lot of steamy scenes in some very unique places that was so hot!

Overall, this was another great historical romance from Jenkins. Teresa and Madison were just great characters with some steamy chemistry. I also really enjoyed all the side characters, especially Madison’s mother Molly.

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