2020 Reading Goals Update!

So shortly after I started this blog I posted my 2020 reading goals. Since its the end of the year I figured we would check in and see how I did on these goals and if I actually reached them. I have added a few goals to this list since I originally created the first post.

1. Participate in a reading challenge.

I participated in a lot of reading challenges this year and I plan to do the same next year. They are a great way to push me to read outside my comfort zone and to read my backlog of TBR books. From #6 down they are all reading challenges from Instagram.

Here are the challenges I participated in:

I have linked the Goodreads shelves for the first few challenges. The rest were Instagram challenges and I have them in my stories. I have linked their creators if you are interested in following them.

Also I have a reading challenge shelf on here if you want to see my posts for these challenges.

2. Try to lower my kindle TBR (800+).

Well while I did read a lot of my TBR I also added a lot too it. I don’t think my TBR went down at all and I am ok with that. I did read a lot of the books but I also got a lot of freebies and discounted books. I think I would freak out if I ever got this number lowered too because I love having a large variety of books to read.

3. Read 5 classics.

I actually read 12 classics this year!!! 7 of them were rereads but they still count. Also a good portion of them were audiobooks which I think is also the only reason I read as many.

My classics shelf if you are interested.

4. Read 5 non-fiction books.

I surpassed this goal by a lot. I have currently read 46 nonfiction books. This year I read more nonfiction than I have ever before. I actually enjoy nonfiction now and plan to read a lot more in the future.

My nonfiction shelf if you want to see what I have read.

5. Read 8 witchcraft books.

I have currently read 8 witchcraft books. I had two DNFs so that would have been 10. I am getting ready to start another one though so maybe I will get 9 in before the end of the year.

My witchcraft shelf.

6. Get Netgally percentage to 80%.

Netgalley badges

I finally got my Netgalley percentage above 80% in March! I was so excited. My score is currently at 84% and that is where it has been for a few months now.

Also I am almost at 100 reviews now!

7. Continue to build and promote my blog. 

I feel like I have done a good job at this considering I am still new to book blogging. I started this year with 35 followers and now have 335! I have also written over 600 posts!

The most important thing for me though is that I am still enjoying the blogging experience and love interacting with others.

8. Read what I own and cut buying just because a book seems interesting.

So this kinda goes with #2. I feel that I have really cut back on buying books this year. I have been using my library for books that seem interesting but I don’t want to spend money on. I still buy a lot but I am only buying books that I know I want to read or reread. I am also focusing on books that are parts of series that I own. I am trying to own the full series of some of my favorite authors, but I am waiting for the books to go on sale before buying them so this is taking time.

9. Read 450 books for my Goodreads Reading Challenge.

I completed my Goodreads challenge last month. Currently, I have read 524 books and we will see how many more I can finish by the end of the year. I don’t have a set goal though.

Did you guys have 2020 goals? and did you achieve any of them?

2 thoughts on “2020 Reading Goals Update!

  1. 509 books! That is insanely impressive! I’m convinced you don’t sleep lol. But congrats on meeting your goals! That’s so exciting. I only had my Goodreads challenge goal this year that I met. I’m planning on setting more specific reading goals though for 2021. – Amber


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