Review: Eversong by Donna Grant

Cover for Eversong by Donna Grant

Title: Eversong

Author: Donna Grant

Series: The Kindred #1

Pages: 272

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Leoma has been raised to hunt corrupt witches. While tracking her new target she finds that she isn’t the only one on the hunt. The sexy knight Braith is a distraction she can’t afford but working together is their only choice. 

Leoma was introduced in the prequel story, Everkin. She is now a grown woman who is a deadly hunter. I always love a kickass heroine and Leoma was that. Braith was a knight who became a duke. These two quickly bonded over a dual sense of revenge against the witches. Not only did they have a strong relationship but they also made a great hunting team. 

This is a very unique world. It’s a medieval romance with the paranormal element of witches, but the main characters are not the supernaturals. The witches are the enemies who need to be stopped. Grant has done an amazing job at mixing these two genres to create a unique world and some great characters. I look forward to finding out how the hunters are going to take down the coven. 

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