Review: Her Devoted Hero by Caitlyn O’Leary

Title:   Her Devoted Hero

Author: Caitlyn O’Leary

Series: Black Dawn #2

Genre:Military Suspense

Pages: 262

Read: December 3, 2020

4 stars
4 stars – It was really good

Navy SEAL Dex Evans has a problem. His buddies signed him up for a dating service behind his back and now he has over 200 women emailing him. Only one hilariously funny woman caught his attention but she is skittish of men. Now he just has to convince her to give in a chance. 

Dex is a protective alpha male who is determined to keep Kenna safe, especially from controlling ways. Kenna is a smartass mother of a teenager who devotes her life to working and taking care of her son. I really liked both of them. They were just a great couple and their relationship was very emotional and captivating. Also I really liked her son, Austen, too. He was a great side character. 

This is my first Caitlyn O’Leary book and I really enjoyed it. I picked this up yesterday for free and was instantly sucked into the story. Dex and Kenna were great characters and were pretty hilarious, especially Kenna. I really want to read the rest of this series now because I liked all of Dex’s teammates and I want to learn more about them.If you are looking for a great military romantic suspense book, check this book out.

Trigger Warnings: 

  • Stalking
  • Death 
  • Torture
  • Kidnapping  

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