Review: A Mate For the Christmas Dragon by Zoe Chant

Title:  A Mate for the Christmas Dragon

Author: Zoe Chant

Series: A Mate For Christmas #1

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 236

Read: November 28, 2020

3 stars
3 stars – I liked it

Jasper Heartwell has only five days to find his mate. If he doesn’t find her by his 25th birthday he will lose his ability to shift and be stuck as either a human or a dragon forever. He has until Christmas to convince his human mate that she has his heart. 

This was a fun fated mates romance. Jasper has five days to convince his Christmas hating mate to fall in love with his Christmas loving self. I quite enjoyed this romance even though it did have some issues. This is a fated mate romance so they do fall in love almost instantly. I liked how each day they went on a unique date and got to know each other though. 

Abigail’s reason for hating Christmas is reasonable but her justification for working in a Christmas gift shop made no sense to me. I still enjoyed it but just found it odd. Jasper and Abigail were a cute couple and I enjoyed their fast paced relationship. 

Overall, this was a good holiday romance featuring a Grinch and Christmas obsessed dragon. The characters were good and the story was interesting but nothing stood out as amazing. While I did enjoy this book, I feel it will be one that I don’t remember in the future. Still don’t regret reading it though.

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