ARC Review: Reckless Road by Christine Feehan

Title:   Reckless Road

Author: Christine Feehan

Series: Torpedo Ink #5

Genre:  Paranormal MC Romance

Pages: 480

Dates Read: November 22, 2020

2 stars
2 stars – it was ok

Gedeon “Player” Lazaroff is one of Torpedo Ink’s calmest members. Little rattles him, except when his gift of illusions gets the better of him. One night on the verge of losing it he meets Zyah, a beautiful woman who seduces him with every move and word. Now he just has to convince her to give a chance. 

While this series started out pretty good, I feel with each book it gets more repetitive and lacking in story. It had some interesting ideas but just fell flat in the end. Nothing stood out in this book and it will quickly be forgotten.

I liked Player and Zyah, for the most part. They both had interesting abilities, especially Player with his illusions. But their relationship quickly became repetitive and slightly boring. I ended up skimming parts of it because of this.

Overall, this book was just ok. Nothing stands out and it will quickly be forgotten. Feehan’s books have felt very repetitive for a while now and it’s possible this will be the last book I read of hers. 

Trigger warning:

  • Human Trafficking, victims and discussed
  • Rape,  victims and discussed
  • Pedophilia, victims and discussed
  • Torture, flashbacks and discussions
  • Attempted suicide, mentioned briefly
  • Elder abuse 

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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