Review: The Sandman Vol. 6: Fables & Reflections by Neil Gaiman

Cover for The Sandman Vol 6. Fables and Reflections by Neil Gaiman

Title:  Fables & Reflections

Author: Neil Gaiman

Illustrator: P. Craig Russell

Series: The Sandman Vol. 6

Pages: 260

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

In this volume, Morpheus delves into the dreams of Augustus Caesar, Cain and Abel, Marco Polo, Orpheus, and Joshua Norton. 

This was a very eclectic group of stories. I found the story of Joshua Norton, the first Emperor of the United States, to be interesting. I quite enjoyed the glimpses of Dreams other siblings in it. There are also a few stories about Orpheus, Morpheus’s son. These were both sad and interesting. 

Overall, I enjoyed this weird collection of stories. I enjoyed all the different time periods and new characters. Also, I still love the artwork for this comic, even with all the different illustrators. 

Trigger Warning:

  • Rape, in the story August.

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