Review: Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake

Cover for Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake

Title:   Veiled Magic

Author: Deborah Blake

Series: Veiled Magic #1

Pages: 280

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Police officer and witch Donata Santori spends her days interrogating dead witnesses by summoning their ghosts. When she is called in on the case of a murdered art restorer, she finds herself in possession of a dangerous painting that both the human and paranormal communities want. 

This was a very fascinating world. Donata was a witch officer who raises the dead as witnesses to their own deaths, which is just a fascinating and unique concept. I liked how strong and capable she is, even when everything seems to be falling apart.

The paranormal races in this world are both common and unique at the same time, especially the ulfhednar, who are almost like shifters. Between Peter, who is half-dragon, and Magnus, an ulfhednar, and Ricky, a kobold, this was a great, and very diverse, group of characters to introduce us to this world. 

My only real complaint about this book was the lack of world building around the city in which Donata lives. It isn’t clear on if this is our current world or just an alternative one. I prefer a little more world development for urban fantasy books, but there are still two more books that can help flush out this world. 

Overall, this was a good urban fantasy and an interesting world. It was fast paced, had interesting characters, and had just a hint of romance.

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