Review: There Will Be Blood by Maisie Hill

Title:   There Will Be Blood

Author: Maisie Hill

Genre: Nonfiction, Health

Format: Audiobook

Length: 1h 5m

Dates Read: November 18, 2020

2.5 stars
2.5 stars

*Overall rating is the average of the following ratings.*

Episode 1: Bloody Men: 2 stars

Three men have their knowledge of periods tested in this first episode of Their Will Be Blood. 

I was surprised that this podcast started with men but it was very interesting to see their views and knowledge of periods. There were some very good questions from them about periods and how they can talk about it with their kids/significant other. 

While some of the statistics in this episode were new, the majority of the common facts were known to me. I was expecting more information to be presented in this first episode. 

Episode 2: Bleedin’ Society: 3 stars

This episode is with Gabby Edlin, founder and CEO of charitable organisation Bloody Good Period; comedian and #periodpositive founder Chella Quint; and YouTuber and sex educator Hannah Witton.

This episode was pretty interesting. I didn’t realize that period poverty was such a big problem in the UK. I know it is a problem in the US, especially considering 35 states in the USA have a tampon tax on menstruation products. Bloody Good Period isn’t an organization that I have heard of before (probably because I am in the US) but I am interested in learning more about them and their advocacy. 

These three women make very good points on embracing your period and being more comfortable talking about it, especially with the children. I do wish this episode had been longer because I feel they rushed the discussion but it was still informative. 

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