Review: Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews

Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews

Title:   Magic Triumphs

Author: Ilona Andrews

Series: Kate Daniels #10

Pages: 335

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Kate Daniels hasn’t let her father’s determination to take over the world stop her from having a life. She has a family now and is even more determined to keep them safe. When a new threat arrives she has to team up with some unexpected allies to defeat them. Kate knows she might not survive but she is determined to try.

I have put this book off for two years because I wasn’t ready for this series to end. With all the recent stress, I decided it was time for a comfort read so I picked this series back up. I am so glad I did too because I forgot how amazing it was, and how addicting. I am an emotional mess now that I have finished too. 

This book takes place two years after the events in Magic Binds. Kate and Curran are parents now and I loved all the family scenes. Kate is just as protective of a mother as I expected her to be and Curran is just a proud papa. Conlan was just adorable and I couldn’t get enough of him. Also the relationship between Kate and Curran is so strong. I just love their relationship and witty banter.

“You and me, Kate. We’re forever.”

This was an action packed ending for the series. A new enemy is trying to destroy Atlanta so Kate and Curran have to pull everyone together for a battle, including some enemies. When I finished Iron and Magic (Hugh’s book), I felt like there was a lot left unsaid and it felt incomplete which I was disappointed by. This book filled in the missing information about who was attacking and why. It also makes sense now as to why everything wasn’t revealed in Hugh’s book. 

This was a fantastic ending to the series. Kate and Curran finally get their HEA and can focus on their family.  I am extremely sad that there will be no more Kate books but I am hopeful for future books in this world. 

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