October Wrap Up

Blog Stats:

  • Posts: 54
  • Review:  36
  • Challenges: 0
  • Tags: 17
  • Bookish Posts: 0

Reading Stats:

Books Read: 46

  • Re-reads: 7
  • DNF: 1
  • ARC’s: 8
  • Romanceopoly: 5
  • Tackle My TBR: 1
  • Popsugar: 1


  • eBooks: 34
  • Audiobooks: 0
  • Comic: 11
  • Paperback: 1
  • Hardback: 0


As with most of my ratings this year, I seem to have a lot of 3 and 4 star reads. I no longer read books that I am not enjoying so that is why. Only one DNF for the month, and it was an ARC.


  • 10,448 pages

Listening time:

  • No audiobooks this month


As you can see I was all over the place this month with my reading. I was surprised by how many contemporary books I read considering I haven’t really been in the mood for them in the past few months. Overall, I prefer when my reading looks like this because I have less chance of getting burned out by a genre.

I decided to start tracking tropes this month! As you can see we have a lot of instant love and cyberpunk this month. I read the Battle Angel Alita comics so that’s why their is so much cyberpunk, which will probably never pop up again after this.


As you can see most of my reading was done through purchased ebooks and Netgalley this month. I got my Netgalley shelf down to three books!!

I also got a free trial of Comixology and have been reading some comics from there. Currently reading The Sandman series.

Most Read Author:

This month’s most read authors are Yukito Kishiro, Cathy Yardley, and Laura Kaye. I read the Alita Battle Angel series by Yukito Kishiro, which is nine volumes. The Fandom Hearts series by Cathy Yardley is eight books, a few of which are novellas. I re-read the Hearts of Anemoi series by Laura Kaye this month too.

Favorite Books of the Month:

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