Review: Playing Doctor by Cathy Yardley

Playing Doctor by Cathy Yardley

Title:  Playing Doctor

Author: Cathy Yardley

Series: Fandom Hearts #5

Pages: 160

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Cressida Frost’s home and business is in jeopardy. Her landlord has decided to sell the house and has given them only a few weeks to find the money to buy it. Cressida knows only one way to get the money in time, win the four million dollar treasure hunt that a famous author is hosting. There is only one major hitch in this plan, she is agoraphobic and can’t drive. 

I really enjoyed this one. Cressida is a sweet and innocent woman who had a dark childhood. Now she is determined to save her home and business even if it means she has to go outside. I loved her determination to help even knowing she was most likely going to have multiple panic attacks. Her relationship with Noah started online but she has slowly fallen in love with him without ever seeing or meeting him. Their relationship was just so sweet, even when Noah makes mistakes.

Noah was a super supportive man. I loved how accepting he was of Cressida’s phobia. He went out of his way to do whatever would help her get through the situation. Even after he messes up, he still puts her first and that made him a great hero in my opinion. 

This was a perfectly cute nerdy romance. I loved all the Doctor Who references and the treasure hunt based on a book.

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