Review: Game of Hearts by Cathy Yardley

Game of Hearts by Cathy Yardley

Title:  Game of Hearts

Author: Cathy Yardley

Series: Fandom Hearts #3

Pages: 236

4.5 stars out of 5
4.5 stars

Kyla Summers has just found a great opportunity to get her cosplay business off the ground but everything else in her life seems to be standing in the way. She needs someone to help at the auto shop otherwise she won’t be able to enter the cosplay contest. The only person she can think of is her brother’s best friend, Jericho, who hasn’t been back in nine years. 

Omg, I loved this book! Kyla co-owns an auto body shop with her brother but her real dream is her cosplay business. As a fellow cosplayer I can understand the drive to create a business out of something you love. I don’t cosplay very often anymore but I know a lot of friends who have tried to turn it into a business. It’s not easy and I can understand Kyla’s reasoning on winning this contest and getting her name out there with it. Kyla was a sweet woman unless you pushed her buttons. If you went too far she would unleash hell on you and I loved her even more for that. 

Now to get to Jericho Salomon. Jericho is now one of my favorite heroes. I adored him from the beginning. He is talk, sexy, protective, and surprisingly sweet. I loved the friendship that he has with Kyla and that it hasn’t gone away while in the years he was gone. It was like they just picked right back up and he never left. I love that kind of relationship, especially when it leads to a romantic one. 

This series just keeps getting better and better with each couple. I am so glad I decided to read it and now am moving instantly to book 4 because I need to know who is going to fall in love next. I can’t get enough of these sisters.

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Previous books in the series:

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#1.5 Hooked
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