Review: Hooked by Cathy Yardley

Hooked by Cathy Yardley

Title:  Hooked

Author: Cathy Yardley

Series: Fandom Hearts #1.5

Pages: 93

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

After a disastrous experience with her ex, the last thing Stacy Fielder is looking for is another man. Unfortunately, she can’t get the dashing Englishman Rodney Charles out of her mind. 

I quite enjoyed Stacey and Rodney’s story. This novella takes place during the events in the first book, Level Up. These two both have had negative experiences with the opposite sex and now they are both very leary of relationships. 

Stacey trusted the wrong man with her heart and now is terrified of it happening again. It doesn’t help that her family keeps pushing single men at her every time she turns around. Rodney is the only man who has made her feel again though. I liked that even though she was afraid of things going wrong she still gave their relationship a chance. She might have initially pushed him away when he messed up but she still lets him explain later. She was just a great heroine who had had a rough dating life. 

I really liked Rodney. He was sweet, compassionate, and determined to win Stacey over. Also he’s British!! Rodney was upfront in his interest in Stacey but wasn’t pushy like the other men in the office. He left the decision up to Stacey. He really was the perfect nerdy hero. 

Overall, this was a fun novella with some great characters. I do wish it had been longer though because I want more of these two.

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