ARC Review: Psi-Lords by Fred Van Lente

Title:  Psi-Lords

Author: Fred Van Lente

Artist: Renato Guedes

Cover Artist: Jonboy Meyers

Series: Psi-Lords #1-8

Genre: SciFi

Format: ARC eBook

Pages: 208

Dates Read: October 3, 2020

1 star
1 star – Not for me

FYI I only read issues 1-5. 

Psi-Lords is about a group of astronauts who were sent into space to reroute an asteroid that will hit Earth in the future. They instead are kidnapped by aliens, experimented on and become Psi-Lords.

I stopped reading this comic because by the end of issue 5 I still wasn’t enjoying the story. I struggled with understanding what this comic was about at first and then when I did grasp what was going on it wasn’t very interesting.  Also I wasn’t loving the main characters. They didn’t seem to have much personality. 

 My biggest issue with this comic is that it felt like a knockoff of the Lantern Corps, especially considering that Hazard (red power) was angry and constantly attacking people just like the red lanterns do. Between this, a boring storyline and characters, and not enjoying liking the art style  I decided to just stop reading it. 

If you are looking for a sci-fi comic with color powers like this try the Lantern Corp’s comics. They are much better.

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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