Review: Dead Wrong by Leighann Dobbs

Title:  Dead Wrong

Author: Leighann Dobbs

Series: Blackmore Sisters #1

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Format: eBook

Pages: 252

Dates Read: September 24, 2020

2 stars
2 stars – it was ok

When Fiona Blackmore’s sister Morgan is accused of murdering the town shrew she has to team up with the handsome officer Jake Cooper. Together they hunt down who the actual killer is and why Morgan is being set up. 

This book was ok. The cover and blurb makes this book out to be a paranormal cozy mystery with witches but it isn’t. None of the sisters are witches and the only thing that is remotely paranormally is a cat who keeps helping them find clues. 

This story is told mostly from Fiona’s POV but we do get some of Morgans and Jake’s. Some of the changes in POVs were confusing because it wasn’t always clear when the POV was changing. While we focus mostly on Fiona we don’t get a lot of backstory for her, or any of the characters really. I think this is why I didn’t love this book. We needed more character development to really connect with the characters. 

Fiona and Jake have an insta-love relationship. While I don’t mind insta-love stories this one needed more work. We never got a deep connection between these two since they were more focused on solving the murder than each other. 

Overall, this was ok. I didn’t love or hate it. I won’t be reading the rest of the series. I can see why some people might enjoy this book but for me it needed more development, especially with the characters. 

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