Review: Sweep with Me by Ilona Andrews

Sweep with Me by Ilona Andrews

Title:  Sweep with Me

Author: Ilona Andrews

Series: Innkeeper Chronicles #4.5

Pages: 146

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Every winter Innkeepers celebrate their own holiday, Treaty Stay, which honors the ancient treaty that united the inns and established the rules to protect them, their guests, and Earth. Dina has her hands full this holiday though with dangerous guests.

This novella takes place shortly after the third book, One Fell Sweep. I am so glad we get more of Dina and Sean again!. Dina is struggling to deal with the trauma of the seeding dying and it is affecting her ability to connect with Gertrude Hunt. She has to juggle dangerous guests, the holiday, and learn to cope with that trauma. I love how the guests helped her in small ways to get back to normal. They may be guests, some permanent, but they have become Dina’s new family. 

I love that we get Dina and Sean learning to work together to run the inn and take care of the guest. They both have different approaches but they work well together. Their different strengths make them a great team and they will be prepared for almost anything. 

I loved the new aliens in this one. The Drífan were fascinating and very deadly, the koo-ko were hilariously smart chickens, and the Medamoth sounded fascinating and I wish we had learned more about them. But my favorite part was Orro! He has been my favorite since he was introduced and I love him. He needs his own cooking show! 

I love this world and the unique aliens within it. I really hope we get another book because I can’t get enough of this story.

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Previous books in the series:

  1. Clean Sweep
  2. Sweep in Peace
  3. One Fell Sweep
  4. Sweep the Blade

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