Review: Bigfoot and the Librarian by Linda Winstead Jones

Title:  Bigfoot and the Librarian

Author: Linda Winstead Jones

Series: Mystic Springs #1

Genre: Paranormal

Format: eBook

Pages: 208

Dates Read: September 11, 2020

3 stars
3 stars – I liked it

Marnie Somerset’s new job as Mystic Springs librarian seems too good to be true. The small town is filled with odd people but the library is amazing. The hot author who keeps crossing her path isn’t bad either. Now if she could just deal with the fact that she keeps seeing bigfoot. 

While I have some issues with this book, I did enjoy it. It was an interesting town, filled with interesting and grumpy people. Clint is a bigfoot, or Dyn Gwallt as he preferred to be called. I really liked Clint. He was a horror writer, a kind man, and is determined to keep his town from dying. I do wish we had more expansion on his race and if there are other types of bigfoot like creatures out there, like yeti’s. 

Marnie was a librarian who wore heels and had high aspirations for her future library career. I had a lot of issues with Marnie. First, her wearing heels for a librarian job is not realistic. Yes you can wear heels but it’s not practical. You are on your feet all day and it can be a safety hazard when moving boxes, carts, etc. She also expects her career to go really far in a very short amount of time, which isn’t realistic at all in this field. Yes this is a fictional world, but as someone who is a librarian this was annoying to me because that’s not how it works. 

My biggest issue with Marnie though was her attitude. She came across as very judgemental and snobbish at times, which really brought the fun of the book down. At one point she basically demeans parents about how they raise their kids and goes on about how she will raise kids so much better, which you should never do if you don’t have kids. She is also looking for someone sophisticated and comes across as very judgemental of Clint,’s appearance at first. She just wasn’t my favorite heroine, especially in the beginning.

Overall, I enjoyed this story but wish I had liked the heroine more. I think the town of Mystic Springs sounds fascinating and I am considering reading the next book but we will see.

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