Review: Hunter by Anna Hackett

Hunter by Anna Hackett

Title:  Hunter

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Galactic Gladiators #12

Pages: 197

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Desert Hunter: 4 stars

This story was previously released in Pets In Space: Embrace the Passion.

Mersi Kassar has been a part of the Corsair Caravan for years. Corsair and Bren saved her from the desert when she was a teenager and gave her her freedom. She has been in love with Bren for years but he refuses to let her close. When the caravan comes across a weird looking dog with a note asking for help Bren and Merci head out to find the person in need. 

Merci and Bren’s story was really good. Bren has been pushing Merci away from years and she is really starting to get discouraged about his lack of feelings. While searching for a child in need she realizes he has been pushing her away for a different reason. He really does want her but is afraid of hurting her. The Taint was very interesting and I wish we could have learned more about it. 

I really liked the “dog” in this story. He was a very interesting alien pet and really full of surprises. This was a great novella and I love that we are still learning things about this world. 

A Galactic Gladiator Christmas: 4 stars

This was a very short Christmas story with the humans introducing the holiday to the gladiators. I really loved that we are getting these short stories that show everyone. It is always fun to check in and see how all the couples are. 

Alien Hunter: 4 stars

Tannon, a member of Rillian’s security team at the Dark Nebula, and Mina, a waitress at the Dark Nebula, have been leary of each other since she started the job. Tannon is concerned she is a security risk but is also trying to hide his attraction to her. 

I liked the steamy and fast pace of this story. Tannon and Mina were a cute couple. I won’t say much more about their relationship because I don’t want to spoil the book. 

I am really excited to see what happens next and for the new series, House of Rone. I have been wanting to know more about the cyborgs from their first introduction. I’m also glad that I don’t have to let go of this world yet because it’s one of my favorites.

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