Review: Rogue by Anna Hackett

Rogue by Anna Hackett

Title:  Rogue

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Galactic Gladiators #8

Pages: 203

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Information Rogue: 4 stars

Ryan Nagano is working tirelessly to find the location of the missing humans. In between struggling with her PTSD and anxiety she torments the information merchant Zhim by hacking into his files. These two team up to hack files and rescue Neve from a deadly maze. 

What a steamy couple! These two quickly went from combative competitors to lovers. These two worked extremely well together. They both are very experienced hackers and working together they can get through anything.

Ryan was such a spunky and determined woman. I just loved her. Zhim has been hiding his soft side behind his reputation. I love a hero who is secretly sweet. Also I loved how Zhim encouraged Ryan to try things off her list. 

Desert Rogue: 4 stars

Neve Hayes is determined to find her sister. She reluctantly works with the desert caravan leader Corsair to find a map to Zaabah. During the journey she finds more than just a map though, she loses her heart. 

Corsair was such a great hero. I have been curious about the desert caravans since they were first introduced. The desert way seems to be such a community based one and I loved it. Corsair lets the desert guide him, rescues those in need, and is just a great man. I really loved his personality and character. He is the perfect person for Neve because he pushes her to open up and live for herself, not just for others.

Neve was a little annoying in the beginning because of her reluctance to ask for help. She makes a couple bad decisions and is very reckless. Working with Corsair changes her and makes her realize leaning on people for help isn’t a bad thing. 

We end this book with a glimpse of Rillian! I cannot wait for his book, especially after we see that he might be more than just a simple alien.

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