August Wrap Up

Blog Stats

  • Posts: 49
  • Review: 29
  • Challenges: 2
  • Tags: 17
  • Bookish Posts: 1

Reading Stats

Books Read: 36

  • Re-reads: 19
  • DNF: 0
  • ARC’s: 5
  • Kindle Unlimited: 2
  • Romanceopoly: 8
  • Tackle My TBR: 2
  • Popsugar: 1

This month was almost my worst reading month. February was my worse moth so far with 35 books. My reading took a hit this month because I started back to work remotely then in person. This has caused me a lot of anxiety and stress and that has made it harder to concentrate on reading, which is why some books are take me weeks to read instead of days.


  • eBooks: 35
  • Audiobooks: 1
  • Webcomic: 0
  • Paperback: 0
  • Hardback: 0

This isn’t much of a surprise considering I read mostly eBooks. I have two paperbacks in progress though so they will get finished eventually. I have been struggling to concentrate so audiobooks have not been touched this month really.


Apparently this was the month of 4 star ratings.


  • 8, 314 pages.

Listening time:

  • 1 hour 36 min


Two biggest genre’s this month were scifi and paranormal. Not surprising since those are my favorite.


As usual of 2020 I am reading what I own, mostly because I am rereading a lot.

Most Read Authors:

Nalini Singh and Anna Hackett are my two most read authors this month, which isn’t surprising. I finished up my reread of the Psy-Changeling series and have moved onto Trinity. For Hackett I reread her Galactic Gladiators series.

Favorite Books of August:

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