Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Make Me Hungry

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. 

This week’s topic is: Books that Make Me Hungry

If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread by Jana Aston

This book was fun. This is about two contestants who are on a show called the Great Gingerbread Bake-Off. I loved this book, especially since its a play on The Great British Bake-Off.

Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep

Gin Blanco is not only an assassin but she is also owner and cook at the Pork Pit. Every time she describes the food at the Pork Pit I always get hungry and start to crave pulled pork sandwiches.

Help Wanted by Alison Hendricks

A MM Romance with two single dads struggling to support their children. One is a baker and the other a hairdresser. I wanted to eat all the sweets when reading this book.

Sugar and Ice by Aven Ellis 

A recipe creator for Bake It! Magazine and a hockey player. This was a sweet and fun romance.

Big Bad Beast by Shelly Laurenston

A sexy chef and a military assassin. I love this one. Dee Ann and Rick are a steamy and deadly couple. Also I love that he is always trying to feed her.

Trevyon  by M.K. Eidem

This series is about an Aliens species, the Kaliszians, who can’t feed their people because nothing grows on their planets anymore. This book features a trained chef who shows these beefy aliens who to actually enjoy food.

Chef Sugarlips by Tawna Fenske

A chef who can whip up amazing meals but can’t get relationships and woman who is turning her reindeer ranch into a wedding venue. This was a fun read.

Blaze by Avery Ford

A MM Romance with a cake decorator and a firefighter. I want cake just thinking about this book.

Binging with Babish by Andrew Rea

I have been watching Binging with Babish on YouTube for a few years now and always get hungry watching his show. His cookbook is just as hunger inducing.

The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book by Loren Bouchard

I loved Bob’s Burgers and when I found there was a burger book I had to get it. This was a fun cookbook and it has some really great burger recipes in it.

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