Review: The Blacksmith Queen by G.A. Aiken

The Blacksmith Queen by G.A. Aiken

Title:  The Blacksmith Queen

Author: G.A. Aiken

Series: The Scarred Earth Saga #1

Pages: 306

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

War breaks out in the Land of the Black Hill  due to a prophecy naming a queen instead of one of the Old Kings sons. For blacksmith Keeley Smith, war is great for business until it looks like it might be her sister who is to be named Queen. Now Keeley has to protect her family from the royals but at least she isn’t alone. She has her sister, her cousin, and some kilt-wearing warriors called Amichai. 

Wow. Just wow…..I would give this book more stars if I could! This book was everything I didn’t know I needed right now. It had amazing freaking characters, deadly battles, different kinds of creatures, and of course love!

Keeley was amazing and I totally have a girl crush on her. She is a powerful blacksmith, loves her family with everything she is and can kick some major butt with her giant hammer. I loved her sense of humor, her excitement over animals and metal, and her commitment to her family. 

“Life is too short to go around hating things I know nothing about. My ignorance doesn’t mean others should suffer.”

Caid was the sexy, strong, and silent type. Most people annoy him but Keeley doesn’t, even when she is talking nonstop. I really love how Keeley broke through his barriers. His family was just as crazy and interesting as Keeley’s. Keeley is already forging strong connections with other races and with the humans. I cannot wait to see what she will do next in her fight for the crown and saving the world.’

“Keeley always made him laugh. Always made him . . . comfortable. There weren’t many who did.”

Also I just loved how crazy Keeley’s family was. All of them were surprisingly dangerous, but also kind and sensitive. I really am interested in learning more about Gemma and her abilities. Keran was a drunken hoot.  Also I loved that Keeley had a pet demon wolf and horse. Like I said, this was a crazy family who you can’t help but love. 

Aiken does an amazing job at captivating readers with amazing characters and a rich world. If you are a fan of her Dragon Kin series you will love this series, which actually takes place in the same world! I already want to read the next book and I am sad that I will have to wait a year for it. Maybe rereading the Dragon Kin series will hold me over until the next release.

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