Review: Magic in the Wind by Christine Feehan

Title:  Magic in the Wind

Author: Christine Feehan

Series: Drake Sisters #1

Genre: Paranormal

Format: eBook

Pages: 112

Dates Read: 2011, 2012, 2013, July 25, 2020

4 stars
4 stars – It was really good

Even since Damon Wilder sought refuge in Sea Haven, he has heard whispers about the mysterious Sarah from everyone in town. Curious, he seeks out Sarah at her beautiful seaside house that seems to welcome him with open arms. Unfortunately Damon has a shadow following him that only Sarah and her sisters can help him with. 

It’s been years since I read this book but it was still just as good as I remembered. Sarah is the oldest of the seven Drake sisters. The Drake prophecy states that she will be the first sister to find her mate. Sarah has the ability of precog and can control the element of wind. She is also a security expert so not only does she have elemental abilities but she can kick butt. Damon is a genius who is terrible with people. Sarah is the only person he has ever gotten along with and actually liked being around. I liked both Sarah and Damon and wish the story was longer just so we could have seen more development in their relationship.  

I really love the idea of this magical family that always produces seven daughters with magic. We get a brief introduction to a few of the sisters in this one but not all of them. I hope the next book will elaborate more about the family and what these sisters can do.

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