Review: Indigo by Beverly Jenkins

Indigo by Beverly Jenkins

Title:  Indigo

Author: Beverly Jenkins

Pages: 372

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

As a child Hester escaped slavery. Now she is a dedicated member of Michigan’s Underground Railroad. When a fellow conductor brings an injured man to hide she doesn’t hesitate to hide him. Galen Vachon, aka the Black Daniel, awakes in Hester’s cellar to find himself being cared for by a feisty conductor with the beautiful hands. 

So about this book. This is actually my second time trying to read it. I DNFed a few weeks ago because it wasn’t helping my mental state at the time. This book focuses on slavery and the underground railroad so as you can imagine the context is heavy. This is a very emotional book filled with fear, triumph, and love. 

So starting with Galen.. I didn’t really love Galen for the first half of the book but once we started to learn more about him and his past he grew on me. I liked that he tried to spoil Hester but at the same time it was very annoying that he wouldn’t listen to her when she said to stop buying her things.  He was a very arrogant man. Hester was a very dedicated woman. I loved how she helped people and was willing to be thrown in jail to do it. Their romance was slow building and enjoyable overall.

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