#SixForSunday: Overdone Tropes

Six for Sunday is a weekly book tag created in June 2017 by Steph at A Little But a Lot.

This week’s prompt is:  Overdone tropes

First up let me just stay that just because I am saying these are overdone tropes doesn’t mean I hate them. Actually everything on this list, besides #6, are tropes that I enjoy and read frequently.

  1. Insta-Love
  2. Fated Mates
  3. Enemies to Lovers
  4. Undiscovered Power
  5. Dead parents
  6. Love Triangles

What tropes do you think are overdone? Do you still enjoy them?

7 thoughts on “#SixForSunday: Overdone Tropes

  1. I actually do not read a lot of love triangle books…lol. The shifter/fated mates is kind of hard to get away from in the paranormal world. I am getting tired of the reverse harem books, especially when the girls are 16 years old. Ick.

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  2. I absolutely adore Enemies to Lovers and Love Triangles.
    And I’ll always think insta-love is better than the alternative: all the dramatic fighting relationships that you see in so much mainstream romance (50 Shades, After, etc). And people in really life really do just instantly like each other sometimes. I think it’s fine. It’s a beautiful, sweet, realistic portrayal of love, instead of all the fight-fuck-fight-fuck-fight-fuck circles you see in most romance/erotica.

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