Review: Touch of Eon by Anna Hackett

Touch of Eon by Anna Hackett

Title:  Touch of Eon

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Eon Warriors #2

Pages: 216

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Special Forces Space Marine Lara Treynor has been tasked to steal three sacred gems from the Eon. She knows it’s a bad idea but she has to protect her sisters and the planet. What she doesn’t expect is the Eon warrior sent to stop her. 

Lara was a dangerous woman who was determined to see her mission through. She was dedicated, hard working, and could kick some major ass. She has dedicated her life to taking care of everyone else so as you can imagine she holds a lot of her pain inside. Caze was the perfect partner for Lara because he let her fight her own battles but would still comfort and support her. 

Caze is a protective alpha male who is used to everyone obeying him. He doesn’t know what to do with Lara at first. She constantly was challenging him and disobeying his orders. He needs a mate  who will support him but also challenge him and Lara was that mate. These two were a kickass couple who did some major damage to the Kantos. 

This book also gave us more information on the Kantos and what they are planning to do. This bug-like species is both fascinating and disgusting. I can always count on Hackett to create interesting alien enemies. This book was packed with action, romance, and lots of aliens. I cannot wait to read the next one.

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Previous books in the series:

  1. Edge of Eon

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