Review: Desert Hunt by Anna Lowe

Desert Hunt by Anna Lowe

Title:  Desert Hunt

Author: Anna Lowe

Series: The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #0.5

Pages: 170

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Rae, a wolf shifter, has a secret that she can’t let any packs discover. When she gets sent to the Twin Moon pack she never expects to find her mate. But can she trust him with her secrets? 

I quite enjoyed this little introduction to the Twin Moon pack. Rae has spent her life hiding her true self for fear of what an alpha would do. She knows women have little freedoms in the pack and she is afraid she will lose what freedom she has left. Her secret was quite fascinating and I wish the story had been longer just so I could learn more about it. 

Zack is a wolf/coyote shifter. He was protective but also respectful of Rae’s feelings and fears. I really enjoyed this small glimpse at this world and I want to know more. I think I will be reading the rest of this series soon, especially since I want to see Ty find his lost mate. 

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